Inflation might be on the rise, but tuition is not

By: Madeline Schneiders, Managing Editor

Returning students won’t have to worry about the cost of tuition increasing in the fall. President Kathleen Jagger sent an email to all students on the main campus on April 4 announcing the news.

“Despite current inflationary economic pressures, we have decided to keep your tuition the same as this year in hopes it will help you and your family manage our challenging financial times,” she said in the email.

Jagger said she is excited about the decision.

“We know that one of the big challenges with higher ed is it seems to get less and less affordable all the time,” she said. “One of our big challenges is, ‘How can we still provide a great student experience but yet not overspend?’”

Jagger said she thinks the last two years saw smaller class sizes at Newman because of the pandemic, but she hopes that classes will return to pre-pandemic sizes during the 2022-2023 academic year.

“As we shrink in number of students we‘re serving … that shrinks our resources that we can commit to improving the student experience,” she said.

Sophomore Hannah Brisco, an occupational therapy assistant major, said she thinks keeping the cost of tuition the same will help make Newman more appealing to incoming students.

Junior psychology and philosophy double major Marcus Lines said that the decision will help him personally.

“I won‘t have to spend as much on tuition,” he said. “I had a lot of help. But it not going up is nice.”

PHOTO: Courtesy photo, Unsplash