Here's what you can and can't recycle starting Monday

Many of you may have heard the expression “It takes a village.”

At Newman, it takes all of us — students, faculty, and staff — working together to successfully re-introduce recycling on campus.

Beginning Oct. 24, the green recycle boxes placed across the Newman University campus will have a revised look to assist us in this process.

You are asked to recycle: paper, aluminum cans and plastic bottles

NOT Accepted items: styrofoam (of any shape, any size, any type), motor oils or any oils, hazardous waste bio products, hospital waste, food waste, plastic grocery bags, mirror glass, tinted glass, safety glass, household appliances, automotive parts and construction debris.

To help us lessen the possibility of contamination with other trash, trash cans will be found next to the green boxes.

Thank you for helping our Newman community take better care of Mother Earth, reduce trash on campus and be a partner with the Laudato Si’ Committee and Circle K Club.

Sister Theresa Wetta, ASC, and Ashley Dinh, president of Circle K

PHOTO: Courtesy photo, Unsplash