Newman SAAC votes on proposed NCAA changes

By: Matthew Revels, Sports Editor

Athletes who make up Newman’s Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) were given the opportunity earlier this month to vote on several proposals that will be considered at the 2023 NCAA Convention, set for Jan. 11-14 in San Antonio.

Student athletes at Division II schools across the country were asked to vote on eight proposals, but Newman’s athletes voted only on the ones that did not involve football since the school has no football program.

Among the proposals on which Newman’s SAAC members weighed in: whether alcohol should be sold at Division II championship events; whether the ACT should be removed from the admissions process; whether cheerleading “stunt” should become a full sport; and whether the amount of time allowed for pre-season basketball practices should be shortened.

Newman’s SAAC members unanimously voted “yes” on the sale of alcohol and on stunt becoming a sport.

But the Newman representatives were split on whether to drop the ACT requirement.

Some members said they felt that the ACT should be optional so athletes are able to get more scholarship money. Others with teammates from other countries thought that the ACT requirement should be dropped because it is unfair and difficult for their teammates to take the test.

On the question of shortening basketball practice hours, Newman athletes also voted “yes.”

“It’s a great opportunity to keep athletes from preseason injuries due to it being so long, while allowing enough time for the coches to get everything important in before games begin,” said sophomore McKenna Anderson, who is one of Newman’s SAAC committee members representing women’s basketball.

SAAC is made up of representatives from each sports team at Newman. Members are chosen by their teammates and coaches.

Anderson said she was excited to help vote on the proposals, which if accepted, she said, will benefit Newman and help it become a high-end Division II school that can compete in all sports.

“I thought all the bills were great,” she said. “I feel as if the way we voted is helping Newman get to that level.”

PHOTO: Courtesy photo, Newman SAAC Twitter