Students express themselves with laptop, water bottle stickers

By: Reiley Bartel, Online Editor

If you want to know a little more about the person sitting next to you in class, there’s an easy way to gather information these days: Just look at the stickers plastered all over their laptop, water bottle and notebooks.

Stickers have become a trendy and popular way of expressing individuality, and Newman students are on board. Almost everyone now has stickers attached to their belongings that tell a story about the person. Look around and you’ll notice that Newman students and professors proudly display stickers that represent their schools, favorite sports team, activities they are involved in, favorite animals, favorite actors or TV shows and hobbies.

“I think stickers, putting them on your laptops and water bottle, give a voice to our personality and lets people know who we are even if they don’t know,” said sophomore Felisa Sajulga.

Sophomore Troi Waggoner has one big sticker on her laptop. It depicts a bear with a beautiful nature scene image within its body.

“I chose the case on my laptop because it expresses what makes me me,” she said. “I really enjoy hiking and exploring nature, and being away from California, too, the bear reminds me of my home and where I’m from and what makes me happy,” she said.

Freshman Elina Gaytan also has stickers all over her belongings and said she chooses them intentionally.

“As an art major, sometimes it is nice to have things that I did not have to make, and I like to look for stickers made by other artists that I like,” she said. “Usually my stickers are faith related or cute stickers of cows, flowers, or sunsets and of course Newman stickers, because who doesn’t love free stickers?”

Rose Stewart, a sophomore, has covered her laptop with colorful and fun stickers, mostly all flowers. One is related to her future job as a sonographer, one shows her school pride, and a few are about her faith. The stickers bring her joy, she said.

“I put stickers on my laptop because I like that people can get insight about me and my interest from afar,” she said.

Those in search of stickers that represent their personalities can find them online and in specialty shops, which sell stickers that reflect quotes and memes, stickers that represent religious or political beliefs and more.

Taylor Penden, junior, says she has two favorite places to find the best stickers.

“Most of my stickers I’ll order on Amazon because they come in huge packs for fairly cheap, but I also really like to get them from Spencer’s because of the quotes they have on them there.”

PHOTO: Reiley Bartel, Online Editor