New SGA president wants students' trust

By: Alexis Stallard, Editor-In-Chief

As the spring semester ends, many are looking forward to summer plans and time away from the stresses of college life.

That’s not the case for sophomore Alondra Valle, who next year will serve as the president of Newman’s Student Government Association.

Valle will be officially elected once voting closes today because she ran unopposed.

Valle has been a member of SGA for two years, both spent serving on the senate. She said she knew she wanted to run for president at some point, and because of potential conflicts with classes her senior year, she decided to run now.

“The reason I am running for president is because I believe I can make a positive impact here at Newman, with the help of my executive board,” Valle said.

Valle already has plenty of support and trust from fellow SGA members and advisers.

Andi Giesen, the Interim Dean of Students and the faculty adviser for SGA, said she believes in Valle’s ability to lead.

“Alondra will bring perspective and empathy to her student peers and the decisions they make,” Giesen said.

Valle has been treasurer for the Multicultural Leadership Organization and the Hispanic and Latino Organization, which she said has helped her develop her leadership and communication skills. She also works as the Student Coordinator in the admissions office and was on the Sacred Heart Hall Centennial Celebration Committee this year.

Valle and her vice president-elect, Nathan Huie, say they’ll focus on three main points when they take office: diversity, accountability, and leading SGA to transform society. Valle said that holding SGA accountable is the most important issue to her and Huie.

“...We want the student body to come to us and let us know how we can help them out,” Valle said. “We want them to know they will be heard and give them the best answer we can give them to the best of our abilities.”

She said she’s also excited about the diverse executive board next year. Half the members are seniors, and the other half are juniors, and their involvement is spread throughout campus. Some are involved in campus ministry, some are student-athletes, some are resident assistants, and all are majoring in a variety of fields.

“This was important for me as I saw our current student body president Ian Lecki has had a great amount of success due to having a very diverse executive team,” Valle said.

While she doesn’t have any big plans ready for next semester, she said she is wanting to add division chairs for both fine arts and athletics. Division chairs are students who are elected to represent the different schools or groups, such as the School for Social Sciences, that are at Newman.

Reaching their third goal of transforming society will rely on current division chairs and senate members getting more involved in their roles in SGA. Also, Valle said she wants them to become more involved with campus life by joining other clubs and organizations on campus.

Elections end today. Seven at-large senate candidates also are running uncontested. They are sophomore Daniel Cubias, sophomore Andrew Hudson, sophomore Cooper Lovelace, junior Joshua Dessenberger, sophomore Leela Barika, sophomore Kaylyn Disbrow, and freshman Nathan Galicia.

PHOTO: Courtesy photo, University Relations