New mini donut shop is the perfect place to get a sugar rush

By: Sydney Endicott, Photographer

Have you ever had a mini donut that melted in your mouth, or tried a Llamanade with boba?

I’m a freshman here at Newman, and I work at the new mini donut and dessert bar called Sugar Llamas, which is at 841 N. Tyler Road. This shop is the only location in Kansas, though the chain originated in Oklahoma.

In the past month of Sugar Llamas being open, we’ve sold thousands of donuts each day. In the beginning we were constantly packed from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. but after the grand opening, we’ve found that Mondays through Thursdays aren’t as busy as Friday through Sunday.

As a new student at Newman, I can highly recommend that the Newman community visits Sugar Llamas. Its prices are extremely reasonable for what you're getting, and it offers a fast and easy way to get breakfast for students who are running late in the mornings.

A big part of the menu consists of Llama Legends, which are mini donuts drizzled with various icings then served hot and fresh. Llama Legends come in about 100 different  flavors, achieved by adding different icing and toppings to the tiny donuts. A few crowd favorites that I’ve made for our customers are Bam Berry, which has a lemon and blueberry icing drizzle; Cinnamon Roll, which is tossed in cinnamon sugar and drizzled with vanilla icing; and Boss Hog, which is drizzled with maple then topped with bacon bits.

I have so many favorites, but the three that stand out to me the most are Chocolate Chip Pancake, Hazelnutty and Cookies and Cream.

I like these mini donuts better than the normal sized ones because you can eat them in one bite versus having to eat a big huge one. I also appreciate that Sugar Llamas gives back to the community by doing things like serving at Zoobilee, giving out free six packs for birthday treats, and partnering with Wichita Thunder to give away many donuts.

Along with the delicious donuts, the shop also serves many varieties of drinks. The ones that I personally enjoy the most are the Frozen Llamanades, which are just lemonade mixed with any syrup of your choice, and iced coffees that are blended with exotic beans from around the world. Sugar Llamas also has Red Bull Mixers that can be added in with any of the shop’s many sugar and sugar-free syrups.

Some of the flavors the drinks come in are Bahama Llama, White Chocolate Peach, Starburst and Berry Delight. The one that pleases my tastebuds the most is the Pina Colada.

Donuts and drinks are not all Sugar Llamas serves, either.  It also has ice cream made by an award-winning creamery in the Midwest, and honestly, it’s the best I've ever had. My favorite treat to make is definitely a Summit, made with two scoops of Sea Turtle ice cream and six Cinnamon Roll mini donuts. Other crowd favorite ice cream flavors are Superman, Moose Tracks, Espresso and Raspberry Chocolate Chip Cheesecake.

Newman students should come in because in the store, we have a fun and chill environment. It’s a place where you can study while eating delicious donuts.

PHOTO: Sydney Endicott, Photographer