How Newman students can get a free hot girl workout

By: April Burnett, Online Editor

Being a student at a university, I knew that I would get some perks. I mean, we all get those discount emails that no one ever looks at, right? 

When I envisioned these perks, I thought the best I’d get would occasionally be 10% off at a cafe or something. Apparently not. I learned about a week ago that all Newman students get a free Genesis Health Club membership. 

Honestly, I was really mad that I did not know this  because for about the past two months, I have not been the gym girlie that I used to be. And it is not because of a busy college schedule or adjusting to a new environment.

I had been a loyal Planet Fitness member since I was 15 and lived in Derby. But since coming to Wichita for school, I am no longer close enough to go to the Derby Planet Fitness. The closest one to Newman is at Seneca and West 31st Street, which is not the best area. I went a couple of times the first week I was here, but I ended up stopping. Either a creep would start following me while I was there or I’d have to park my car too far away. It had a weird vibe, but it was the only gym in the area I could afford. Until I found out about the Genesis free membership. 

I must have gotten on one of those call lists where people try to sign you up for memberships because I got a call asking me to sign up for Genesis. I told them I was a college student and likely couldn’t afford their membership, and only then did I learn that, as a Newman student, I could get free gym access at any Genesis Health Club in Wichita. I chose the club closest to Newman, the one at 3725 W. 13th Street, near West and 13th St. 

Obviously, I had to go check it out for myself. And let me tell you, this place is so much better. For one, it has three floors. The bottom floor has the locker rooms and weights, but it also has a room with punching bags and a boxing ring. The middle floor is where people check in and buy protein shakes or items from a vending machine. The top floor has all of the cardio machines as well as tanning beds.

All I had to do to be able to use all of this was show my Newman ID at the desk. As I was working out and as I was walking to my car, I felt safer than I did even at the Derby Planet Fitness. I certainly wish I had this information when I started. I honestly wonder why freshmen weren’t told this information. 

So grab your earbuds and your water bottle and go to Genesis to get a free hot girl workout.

PHOTO: Courtesy photo, Unsplash