On-campus coffee shop will be opening after winter break

By: Vantage Staff

Newman is sharing more details about the coffee shop that will open along with the new Student Success Center in Dugan Library.

At last week’s Town Hall Meeting, food services director Chris Heck shared with students the name, opening date and menu for the shop. It will be called Sacred Grounds, and its opening date is scheduled for Jan. 16, the day that classes resume for the spring semester.

The new coffee shop, run by Newman food provider Great Western Dining, will offer a variety of options, including coffee and other beverages plus 10 custom pizzas and flatbreads made in a brick oven. In addition, pre-made sub sandwiches, salads, parfaits and grab-and-go items like breakfast burritos and sandwiches. 

The shop will have an app associated with it so that students can pre-order food and drinks and have them waiting when they arrive.

“The main idea there was for students just to be able to eat at any time of the day,” Heck said at the meeting. “I know you guys’ schedules are crazy. So for you guys to have access to food is the main idea there.”

Students at the meeting asked Heck if the coffee shop would be open after dinner, and he said that wasn’t in the immediate plans. But adding evening hours isn’t out of the question in the future if the shop can generate enough traffic.

“We're not set in stone for anything,” he said. “If you guys have needs or wants, just voice them. We're always here to listen. We're always here to change. The snack bar is for you guys.”

Many students asked if they would be able to use their meal plans at Sacred Grounds, but Heck said that hadn’t been completely decided. Contacted after the meeting, Heck said those details wouldn't be worked out until the last week of November.

PHOTO: Matthew Revels, Sports Editor