In the rush to enjoy the holidays, don't skip Thanksgiving

By: Sydney Endicott, Photographer

Have you ever wondered why the end of the year goes by so fast?

Well, I have, and I tend to think about how we wait all year – which feels like forever – for the holiday season only to have the big holidays race by in a snap of our fingers. 

With that being said, let's talk about a holiday that I feel is always celebrated but in my opinion is always very rushed: Thanksgiving.

This holiday started as a celebration of harvest for the pilgrims and Native Americans in 1621. In the United States, we gather with our relatives just as though it was Christmas, but minus the birth of Jesus and the presents. It’s supposed to be a holiday for giving thanks, but not much is given when it goes by so fast. 

I feel that we rush to put up our Christmas trees, begin our Christmas lists, decorate our houses, do cute things with our significant others and buy presents. I also think that too many people monetize Christmas and forget the real reason for the holiday.

This year, I saw people beginning to do all of these things literally the day after Halloween. But what about the rest of the fall season? What about the leaves falling? Or the temperatures beginning to drop? Or the pumpkin patches? Or even the pumpkin spice lattes? It just seems like it all fades away as soon as Halloween is over. 

People seem to want to jump straight from Halloween to Christmas. But I think rushing these important holidays during the end of the year really just rushes time away, and that's the one thing that everyone wishes they had more of.  

If we want to slow down time, we should stop and enjoy all the little moments with family and friends.

PHOTO: Courtesy photo, Unsplash