Go to homecoming game for dorm dibs

By Katrina Kowitz, Guest Writer

Director of Residence Life Ian Lecki and Director of Athletics Joanna Pryor have found a pattern when it comes to attendance at basketball games: Most students go only to the men's games and skip the women’s. 

“It’s not fair,” Lecki said. “The women work just as hard as men do.”

But Lecki has come up with a plan he hopes will change that pattern. This year, Newman will require students to attend both Homecoming basketball games next week if they want to have first dibs on dorm room selection for next year.

To improve their chances of getting the dorm and roommates they want, students must be present at both the women’s and men’s basketball games on Feb. 29. The games happen at 5:30 and 7:30 p.m. in Fugate Gymnasium. Students who want to room together next year must all be present to sign up.

If students are unable to attend the games, Lecki said, they must attend Jet Friday, which happens from 8:30 to 9:30 a.m. on March 1 in the Fugate Student Center.

Lecki said his idea was inspired by a desire to pack the stands during the homecoming games, which will be attended by many alums. 

“The hope is to get a lot of students to attend the basketball games and kinda

 knock out housing as well,” Lecki said.

Lecki said he can’t guarantee that all students who attend will get their first choices on dorms, but he will try to accommodate requests as best as he can. Students should find out where they will be living after spring break and will get their housing placements in July.

If students have conflicts like classes or sports travel that will prevent them from attending the games and Jet Friday, they should contact Lecki, he said.

Some students said they were shocked to find they would have to attend both the basketball games to get into the dorm they want.

“Students should support the basketball team because they want to,” said Jarely Coria Pineda, a freshman.

PHOTO: Courtesy Photo, University Relations