Pre-dentist crowned Homecoming Queen

By Matthew Fowler, A&E Editor

Queen today. Dentist tomorrow.

If you missed the homecoming basketball game or are new to Newman, you may not know much about this year’s homecoming queen, Elise Helfrich.

A senior, Helfrich had such a good experience with her own orthodontist, she decided she wanted to work in the field, and next year, she’ll start her dentistry studies at The University of Missouri-Kansas City.

At Newman, Helfrich has been involved with Campus Ministry, the Honors Program, the Student Government Association, residence life, and the Catholic living community, Metanoia.

She said that her involvements at Newman have grown her faith and encouraged her to value relationships more.

“All of these activities have greatly helped in building a community of support for me and allowed me to give back to that same community,” Helfrich said. “It has also introduced me to a lot of incredible people that I am very grateful to know.”

Helfrich said being chosen as homecoming queen was a surprise.

“I am very honored and humbled to have been selected as homecoming queen,” Helfrich said. “I didn’t expect to win, so I thank all of my friends and classmates for their support.”

Helfrich said that her interest in dentistry came before she decided to attend Newman. She chose the school because she believed that its science program would prepare her for dental school.

“I became interested in the dental field in seventh grade when my orthodontist really impressed me with not only his quality of work but also how much he truly cared for his patients and their lives,” Helfrich said. “I was really intrigued by the world of dentistry, and I wanted to be able to have the same kind of positive impact on others that he had on me.”

Helfrich said her advice for students would be to get involved and to make the most of their time at Newman.

“I would tell other students that college is very much a place where you get out what you put in,” Helfrich said. “I think I have had a very rich experience because I took steps to involve myself in the community and really learn from my classes, not just go through the motions. I encourage other students to do the same. I promise you won’t regret it.”

PHOTO: Sydney Endicott, Photographer