SGA reflects on successful year and plans future

By Matthew Fowler, A&E Editor

Newman’s Student Government Association rounded out this school year with its fall elections, but members say they plan to continue striving to improve students’ experiences next year.

The results of the election for the 2024 fall semester were confirmed on Friday. Junior Alondra Valle ran unopposed for her second consecutive term as SGA president alongside vice presidential candidate Gabe Trevino, sophomore. She then appointed sophomore Nathan Galicia as treasurer and freshman Grace Long as secretary

Valle said that this year has deepened her connection to the Newman student community. She said that her first term as president allowed her to emphasize SGA’s mission and policies.

“Some of my favorite accomplishments from the senate were passing bills like Narcan and a good amount of Jet Refuel Station… the coffee bar in front of the student affairs office,” she said. “I didn’t realize how much students and others use this coffee bar until I started restocking it twice every week.”

Information about SGA’s governance, including its bylaws and constitution, can be found on the SGA homepage of Newman University’s website.

Valle also said she was pleased with the number of community-building student events that were held this year and that she’s excited to build off those successes next year.

“I think event planning wise, we are doing a great job,” Valle said. “As I am sure the students are aware, we have had a lot of events this school year, and from talking to the Director of Student Activities, Joshua Schoenecker-Prilliman, we are only going to go up from here.”

SGA senator Maxwell Masem, freshman, will return as a senator next year and said that he is encouraged by SGA’s desire to improve Newman.

“It just means that we can have involvement within the campus,” Masem said. “We are able to do what is in the best interests of the students with the funds that were from the students themselves.”

Masem said that he would like to see even more SGA activities that involve students put on next year.

The success of this year’s SGA was “small but mighty,” Valle said. 

“We passed smaller bills this year, but they improved our campus.”

PHOTO: Courtesy photo, Unsplash