Sisters’ spaghetti brings students together

By Abigail VanNatta, Guest Writer

The ASC Sisters know the way into the hearts of Newman students, and it’s through spaghetti.

The Sister Spaghetti Supper has become a well-known tradition at Newman and provides a way for the ASC Sisters to further their bond with students.

Once a month, the Sisters host a free spaghetti dinner for all students to enjoy, and many do. An average of 60 to 80 students attend each month, brought together at The Landing, a home

previously built for the Sisters in the 1970s. It now serves as the main hub for the Sisters to interact with students.

Sister Betty Adams has been the “head chef” of the supper since its beginning in 2014 and said it started out small enough that the Sisters could have a conversation with everyone there. In previous years, attendance varied anywhere between 15 to 50 students. Now, Adams spends

most of the dinner in the kitchen, cooking continuously as more and more hungry students pile


“I think some of the RAs have helped promote it, especially among some of the athletic

groups, so that they would look forward to it after their practice or game,” Adams said.

With the boost from resident assistants, the first spaghetti supper of 2024 had an

unexpected turnout of more than 80 students, keeping Adams busy in the kitchen all evening.

“Trying to keep up with the amount of spaghetti, I couldn’t cook it fast enough,” she said. “I always use the angel hair spaghetti because it only takes five minutes to cook, and that way the students don’t have to wait that long.”

Upon entering the spaghetti supper, students are welcomed by a few Sisters before they are

directed to a sign-in sheet. This sheet allows for the Sisters to keep track of the number of

attendees each month.

Students head to the kitchen first to serve themselves a plate of spaghetti. On the bar is a serving dish of angel hair noodles and a crockpot of spaghetti sauce. Once students have their spaghetti, they can follow the sound of laughter and chatter to the basement, where there are chairs, couches and a single row of tables for students to sit. Along a nearby wall is a table of utensils, beverages and garlic bread. Students make a quick stop there before sitting among their peers to chat and eat.

Student Bella Callaba, a three-time attendee of the spaghetti supper, says it's been fun to attend with her friends, and the spaghetti is always good. She says the Sisters are generous for preparing and hosting the supper each month.

“It’s good food, good people and good times,” she said.

The last spaghetti supper of this school year was earlier this month, but the tradition will continue in the fall.

PHOTO: Abigail VanNatta