THE NEWMAN GRIND: Hot or not? They’re giving it their best shot

By Matthew Clark, Staff Writer

I considered Scooter’s to be my “dorm.” As I am a commuter, I need a place to unwind, study and socialize between classes. Thus, I was devastated when I heard it was leaving. Though myself and many others were sad to see Scooter’s go, its replacement is quickly revitalizing the space as a place to socialize and grab a drink or bite to eat.

The Newman Grind (or TNG, as I like to call it) has managed to improve overall selection while significantly lowering prices from what most chain or commercial coffee shops charge. For instance, when I first walked in, I remember exclaiming “You guys have muffins?” Philip Rood (one of the two personable employees) just laughed and said, “We do! There is blueberry, banana nut and chocolate.” I was sold.

Of course, they still have all the classics: sandwiches, salad, pizza, breakfast burritos and other things to fill you up in those strange late morning and early afternoon hours that the caf isn’t open.

Part of what makes this space so enjoyable in the first place is its atmosphere. There is a certain “coffee shop essence” that swims in the air. It still feels quite fitting to write, or have poetry readings or to chat in this cozy little area.

Just as there was in Scooter’s, TNG has a friendly and personable staff. It feels nice to strike up a conversation as you’re ordering a reasonably-priced drink. In truth, it is a pleasant experience all-in-all.

Also, on the matter of specifically coffee, there is a nice array of light, medium and dark roasts depending on your tastes and needs. I have sampled these roasts and I can safely say that they range from pleasantly smooth to brilliantly bold.

A bonus of these roast variations lies in the fact that they have differing amounts of caffeine. If you need a little pick-me-up, get medium or dark, as these have less caffeine. If you’ve been procrastinating on a project that’s due in an hour, get light. The beans of light coffee have been roasted less, therefore providing a higher caffeine level when brewed.

Overall, The Newman Grind is a great, homey coffee shop that is certainly worthy of your time and money.