The hole-y shoe: fashion, comfort and worth hyping up

By Anthony Navarrete, Staff Writer

I am in no way a trend setter, but I walked so these Crocers could run.

During sophomore year, I decided that I would morph comfort and style  in  my  outfit by wearing my coveted pair of Crocs. They were, and continue to be, the most comfortable and versatile shoes I own. I didn’t want to come across as too flashy so I took out all my jibbitz. For those of you who aren’t up to date on the latest fashion trends, they are those gems that give Crocs a little pizazz.

Unfortunately, even with jibbitz gone, I was too ahead of my time. When I strutted all over campus with my webbed shoes, my friends ridiculed me for what they called a fashion faux pas. I ended up on the community Snapchat story from multiple people and didn’t hear the end of it. The only place I could find solace and acceptance was from my fellow webbed companions, the campus geese.

Fast forward to 2019. I saw a girl in Bishop Gerber with mint Crocs, (totally dig them by the way, perfect for spring). But here she was, free from mockery and laughter, truly out here living her best life. And she’s not the first one I’ve seen on campus proudly flaunting these continuously slept on shoes. On any given day you can catch someone wearing Crocs on campus and I can guarantee they don’t regret that decision.

Also there are many different versions of Crocs depending on the occasion. Need a more professional looking shoe, but still want the comfort that only Crocs can provide? They have them. Want one to keep you warm on those cold days? They have those too!

It’s date night and you need a cute but comfy pair of wedges to wear? Crocs have you covered.

However, you can’t go wrong with the classic pair of Crocs. With a variety of colors, you can get a pair for whatever fit you’re feeling.

Overslept and need to run to class? Just throw those bad boys into sports mode and you’re set.

So to my fellow Croc owners I have these wise words to live by: Stunt. On. Them.

PHOTO: CROCS FOR LIFE Anthony Navarrette struts his stuff all around Newman in a pair of Crocs. Carley Sullivan, Photography Editor