I've had my share of spooky experiences

By Katie Smith, A&E Editor

*Cue the spooky music*

Picture this, you’re enjoying the spooky season by watching cheesy horror movies that you pretend you aren’t afraid of but in reality, once you try to go to bed, all you can do is think about all the terrible creatures and how they’re watching over you as you sleep and then you can’t go to sleep and then and then and then…..

I, for one, have had the lovely opportunity to live in some of these moments - mainly the ever present fear that something is staring at me or is about to snatch my foot and drag me out of my bed. While these might be irrational fears to some people, they are so real and rational when you live with ghosts.

Here are some stories that I and those closest to me have experienced.

Of course we all have experienced that moment of hearing footsteps when we’re the only ones home. I kid you not, I hear them all the time, especially at my old house. This house was located in historical Riverside, over 100 years old, and definitely had some ghosts chilling out.

There have been countless times where children’s toys have gone off in the toy room while I’m chilling in my room. At the Riverside residence, our hallway light was a motion sensor, and there were only two of us who lived on the main floor. It would turn on all the time during the middle of the night and wake us up.

When we moved into the new home, I was sure the occurrences would stop. What are the odds that the same spirits would follow our family to a different location? Unfortunately, we were unlucky enough to drag it with us.

Ben, my kick butt loving boyfriend, who I’m convinced is the reason I’ve been brought into contact with ghosts, used to have conversations with his grandfather clock which he named Jason. When his nephew Brody got to the talking age, he would go up and talk to the same grandfather clock and call it Jason too. Both of these happened in our Riverside home.

We recently moved into a new home, far away from the previous home (at least 30 minutes), and it appears that “Jason” has followed us. Besides the dark fingerprints that we find left on the walls and things moving on their own, this ghost has broken things too.

We had a clock (go figure) placed above the fireplace for the first couple of weeks. One night when I had just gone downstairs after dinner and was busy unpacking, Ben and I heard a loud crash from upstairs. Ben, who almost always has his gaming headphones on, ripped them off and looked at me confused. I looked back saying “I don’t know what just happened but no one is crying so I’m sure it’s nothing.” The next day we found out that while his parents and grandparents were sitting at the table chatting, the clock decided to roll a couple of inches on the fireplace, then fell straight off the mantle and broke.

Another time in the new residence, his sister went to shut off the lights in her kids’ room which is right across the hall from hers, after they were long passed out. She turned them off, went back into her room, went to shut her door, and noticed their light was back on.

One of the boys has a purple water bottle that they dry on the counter top. Mom was standing by the island with his sister and the bottle proceeded to roll off of the towel that it dries on, stand itself up, and push itself to the edge.

Since we’ve moved into the new house, I personally have not experienced any spooky occurrences. I honestly wish they had never told me any of these creepy things and allowed me to live in sweet oblivion because it would stop my mind from turning and thinking about all the creepy things that could happen to me. I can guarantee that if anything happens to me personally, you all will be hearing about it. Happy Halloween!

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