No plans are in the works for salvage lot

By Hope Eckley, Staff Writer

When Newman bought the Koon’s Salvage Yard lot next to Fugate Hall, the plans included a possible green house and extra parking space. A year later the lot is still empty and unused because the plans never happened and it is unclear as to why.

The empty lot was originally going to be used for things much bigger and better, however nothing has happened and there are no direct plans for the empty lot, Director of Maintenance Bruce Sanderson said.

“The lot does not have a specific purpose this year. As for future plans, I hope they use the lot to provide additional parking in that area for the dorms and the practice soccer field across the street,” Head of Security Morris Floyd said.

On a positive note, Floyd said, the amount of thefts from vehicles in the Fugate lot has greatly reduced. The reason the crime has gone down is because security does monitor the lot more heavily because it is owned by the school, Floyd said.

“The good thing is that we do own it and there are no non-students passing through out dorm parking lots to get to that salvage business,” Floyd said.

Sanderson and Floyd said they are both unsure of what the future will look like with the lot.

Vice President of Finance and Administration Jennifer Gantz could not be reached for comment.

PHOTO: Tyler Pollard, Vantage Archives.