Residence halls get computers and new printers

By Hope Eckley, Staff Writer

Newman Residence Life, with some additional funding help from the Student Government Association, approved a plan last semester to enhance residence halls by providing printers in the halls for all students.

The printers were installed two weeks ago, and residents have said they are already making things easier.

“It is very nice not having to leave the dorms to print something off. It is more convenient and gives us the opportunity to get something printed at any time of the day,” said Lauryn Ogden, sophomore and Beata resident.

The total cost of leasing the three printers for five years was $3,081.60. Of that, SGA paid half of it out of student fees and the Residence Hall Association paid the other half out of its budget.

Last spring, multiple residents complained that it was hard to make it to a printer before class, Director of Residence Life Scott Mudloff said, so the printers were placed in the residence halls for convenience.

The printers provide 24-hour access for residents who need to get their papers printed. They are located in the three active residence halls: one on the second floor of Beata, one on the second floor of Fugate, and two on the second floor of Carrocci Hall.

It was a small step to help students, Mudloff said.

“This is a great thing to do for students to help meet their needs,” he said. “Some things we can help with. Some things we can’t. This was one we could help with.”

Some residents say the new printers have already made things easier for them.

The students will still have a printing limit of 150 pages a week in the dorms, which is the same rule that applies to all printers on campus, Mudloff said.

Residents will need to have their Newman logins to use the printers.

“If students can see that we’re making an effort to do everything we can to make their time here enjoyable, maybe more will live on campus, and maybe more will give back to the university after they leave,” Mudloff said. “It’s a customer service approach, and residents are our customers, and we need to do what we can.”

PHOTO: Courtesy Photo, Newman Advancement