I wish I still had a roommate

By Trey Maloy, Guest Writer

Everyone dreams of living alone as a freshman in college. For the lucky few, that dream actually becomes a reality. I was one of those few.

But living alone without a roommate is not everything it seems to be. The assumption made by many is that it is amazing and that you can do anything you want. Where that may be true, there are plenty of reasons why I believe living by yourself in college is one of the worst possible things that can happen to you as a freshman.

My college roommate moved out last semester in the middle of October to go back home. I was so excited to be able to have a room all to myself -- to be able to have both sides of the room, watch whatever I wanted on TV, and not have to worry about someone distracting me from homework. I was thrilled. Then I realized how much having a roommate helps a person  have that true college experience.

Without a roommate, I can go up to seven hours without having any social interaction with anyone because I don’t have anyone to talk to inside my room. I find myself sitting in my room wishing that I had just another human being to at least have some company. The peace and quiet can really eat away at a human brain and causes me to overthink the simplest of things.

I took having a roommate for granted. I often have days where I wish I could have my roommate back, even if arguments did occur. Having a roommate is an important college experience that you just can't get any other way.

PHOTO: Courtesy Photo, Newman Advancement