This weather's bringing the worst out of Wichita drivers

By Ty Wilson, Guest Writer

When you think of combinations of things that don’t work well together, you most likely think of oil and water or dogs and cats. But what you should think about is bad weather and anybody behind the wheel of a car in Wichita, Kansas.

Living in Kansas means you have to be prepared for any type of weather Mother Nature might throw your way. This includes rain, snow, sleet, wind and the occasional tornado. Just recently, Wichita has seen ice and snow cover every road all over town. On Sunday, I saw at least five accidents just in a seven mile stretch on Kellogg. Cars running into the medium. People being rear-ended. I unfortunately saw one truck completely flipped over next to an off ramp.

Growing up in the small town of Wellington, I learned a thing or two about driving in inclement weather. I know not to slam on the brakes when I’m driving on ice or snow. I know not to weave in and out of traffic during a rainstorm on the highway. But apparently the people of Wichita were not provided with information growing up. So now the duty falls on my shoulders to explain how to properly hand a motorized vehicle under poor weather conditions.

When it comes to snow and ice, the key is to move slower. This makes it easier to stop and avoid running the risk of hitting someone or blowing through a stoplight. When you’re driving the posted speed limit on icy roads however, it’s important to not slam on the brakes when coming to a stop. This will only cause the car to slide and potentially start spinning out of control. You want to slow yourself down gently, so make it a priority to give yourself plenty of room between other cars and stops.

Another thing to remember is to not get in a hurry. I always remind myself that I would rather be late to my destination than to not make it there at all. Especially in bad weather, just take your time on the road and don’t risk the safety of yourself or others because you might be a few minutes late to class or work.

For now, just try to keep all four tires safely on the ground and in between the lines. Don’t make me come back here and tell you this again, I don’t have time to be a Drivers Ed instructor and a journalist.

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