Registration for summer classes has begun

By Hadassah Umbarger, Staff Writer

In-person summer classes were yet another thing that didn’t happen in 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic. But they’ll be returning this summer.

On Feb. 10, the Registrar’s office sent out an email announcing the beginning of summer enrollment.

Last summer’s classes were primarily offered online, said Rosemary Niedens, the associate vice president for academic affairs. She said that this summer, students will see a blend of online and in-person courses offered, with some hybrid courses as well.

Niedens also said that the process for summer enrollment is essentially the same as enrollment for fall and spring courses.

“First you meet with your advisors to determine what classes best fit your own particular situation, but all the processes remain the same,” Niedens said.

And for students seeking financial aid through the summer, Newman’s Financial Aid office said in an email that funding will still be available.

The email said that summer tuition is offered at a lower rate compared to the fall and spring semesters. For students who have remaining eligibility and meet the requirements, financial aid will be available to them.

The email also mentioned that students should still seek assistance to ascertain what aid they are eligible for, because of the many variables in determining a student’s eligibility. The Financial Aid Office encourages students to reach out to them to discuss their funding options more extensively. The email said that the office is available by phone, email, Zoom or in person.

The Financial Aid Office’s email address is

Niedens also said that students currently receiving a D or F in a class would have the chance to retake the class at a discount over the summer, “if it's being offered this summer and spaces are available, for $75 a credit hour.”

For students who are already planning ahead for the fall semester, Niedens said that the fall course schedule should be published toward the middle of March.

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