Students versus the winter weather

By Ty Wilson, Staff Writer

Recently, the entire Midwest has been hit with a historical amount of cold weather. Even residents of states like Texas and Louisiana, who rarely if ever see snow, are having to adjust to a dramatic drop in temperature. Another group of people having to adjust to the frosty frenzy going on is Newman University students.

The experience has been interesting both for students who come from warm climates and for those who are accustomed to this.

Some students have never experienced this kind of weather.

“I’ve been adjusting well. However, this is the coldest weather I've ever experienced in my life,” said Nick Caravello, a junior from San Rafael, California. “It doesn’t snow where I’m from so driving and getting daily activities done has definitely taken some time getting used to.”

Nick said the weather back home was 60 degrees and sunny, a lot different than Wichita at the moment.

Some students are having an easier time adjusting to the harsh conditions, like Selina Vidhammer, a sophomore from Norway.

“In Norway we have a lot more snow but it’s not as windy because we’re surrounded by mountains, so I don’t really feel like I have to adjust because I’ve grown up with having snow around 7 out of the 12 months of the year,” she said.

Another problem is that the snow is getting in the way of students' ability to get outside and explore Wichita.

“I don’t mind cold weather at home because I can go skiing, but in Wichita the snow is just there and there’s not a whole lot to do,” Vidhammer said.

She said, the poor conditions are even getting in the way of her going to the gym on her off days, with the roads being so slippery.

Vidhammer was surprised however that Newman was closed for two days because of the snow that had come in overnight. For Selina, that amount of snow is an average day back in Norway.

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