Craving a snack? Here's some of my favorite ones

By Ty Wilson, Staff Writer

There you are all alone, catching up on your homework that's been past due for weeks. You decide to take a break to feed yourself some much needed brain food. Now you must ask yourself the question that has been plaguing humanity for millenia: What snack do I choose?

I have always been able to narrow my choices down to two options: a sweet choice like chocolate, gummy worms, or even Jell-O as well as a salty selection like potato chips, popcorn or pretzels. I feel like this offers a wide variety for whatever my palate is craving at that given moment.

For the ultimate snacking experience, you have to find the perfect balance of salty and sweet. I have managed to find this happy medium by combining the salty taste of popcorn with the sweet and delectable squares of a Hershey’s chocolate bar. You first take a small handful of popcorn and begin to eat. Upon finishing you immediately grab a square of chocolate and use that as a chaser. This combination is the sole reason why I haven't flunked out of school. This snack alone has got me through so many hard nights of studying and endless amounts of homework.

While the snack itself is the main course of my brain food buffet, we must not forget the beverage. Sodas, Gatorade, even the beloved Nesquik Chocolate Milk are all valid options. You must be mindful of what drink will accompany the snack in the most appropriate way.

Unfortunately I now need to go into the snacks that you should steer clear of, at least if you want to be considered mentally stable. Pickles, Corn Nuts, candy corn, Peeps, and of course the infamous Flamin Hot Cheetos. The snacks on this list all pale in comparison to the downsides of eating Hot Cheetos. For one, your fingers will look like you just got finished giving Elmo a deep tissue massage, your mouth being the same temperature as the sun and you will now run the risk of being known as the person that enjoys those bright red monstrosities.

Not all snacks were created equal, and some simply do not belong on store shelves. But I will say that we do not choose snacks, they choose us. That reason alone is why I can tolerate the idea of someone eating an entire bag of Hot Cheetos. They are simply giving into the temptations that we all have been through: to always reach deeper into the snack bag.

PHOTO: Ty Wilson, Staff Writer