See what Campus Ministry has in store this year

By: Austin Schwartz, Staff Writer

Father Adam Grelinger and the Campus Ministry team say they have lots of plans to engage with students throughout the semester. Among them: Liturgical Lunches where students can learn about and celebrate saints; “Hashin’ it Out,” where participants can talk about life over breakfast; and game night on Wednesdays.

All students are welcome to participate, said Emily Simon, the assistant director of Campus Ministry.

“We have so many plans beyond these,” she said.

On Oct. 9, Campus Ministry will host an all-nighter in honor of St. John Henry Newman on his feast day. The fall service retreat will be from Nov. 12 to 14.

“We’ll be traveling a little outside Wichita in some sort of retreat house for some fellowship and spiritual reflection and then doing service in Wichita most of Saturday,” Simon said.

And there will be a new initiative on campus called “Walking Rosaries,” where Campus Ministry prays rosaries while walking outside with anyone who’s interested.

Student Minister Steven Nguyen said the group has planned many activities that can’t be announced yet.

“We are planning to work with [other student clubs and organizations] to provide students with activities and a hangout,” he said.

While Nguyen said that many of these plans are currently “on the down-low,” he did tease some activities students can look forward to.

“We have a city-wide scavenger hunt coming up soon, a student testimony series where an upperclassman will share their story, and Father and I are going to create an escape room for the all-nighter,” he said.

Campus Ministry plans on working extra hard this semester to make sure they connect with students.

“Our goal this year is to unleash the Gospel,” Simon said. “Whether through the sacraments we receive, or through the people we serve, or through the community we build, we are hoping that each and every one of our events helps students encounter Jesus.”

Simon said she’s looking forward to another school year.

“I’m so grateful to come to work every day and be welcomed into this vibrant, generous, loving community,” she said. “It can be difficult to balance in the hectic busyness of college life, but you deserve to grow in your spiritual life as much as you do in your intellectual life. So don’t hesitate to stop by the Campus Ministry Office and ask about upcoming events, drink coffee on the couch in between classes, discuss a recent insight from prayer, or make fun of Fr. Adam. We’d love to welcome you.”

PHOTO: Courtesy photo, Emily Simon