The Ty-Rade: Chivalry is dead and women killed it

By: Ty Wilson, Staff Writer

A knight in medieval times was always expected to act and behave according to the code of chivalry. Being courageous and brave went with this code of behavior.

In modern terms, chivalry is used to describe how a man should treat a woman with certain courtesies like holding the door open and offering his jacket.

But it seems these days that the status quo is for women to declare that chivalry is dead. The real question, though, is who killed it? I have a feeling that the shoe is on the other foot in this case and that women are the real reason why chivalrous acts are less common in this age.

The fact of the matter is women don’t appreciate the nice things a guy will do for them. Acting chivalrous is seen as needy and desperate to most girls, unfortunately. And neediness is something that clearly is not attractive.

I propose that we as men need to find new ways to help women see us as noble and worthy of being in a relationship. We have to think outside the box here and try to break new ground in the department of chivalry.

A great example of this is being attentive to a woman's needs. If you know she’s tired and hasn't had time to clean her house or apartment, you should follow her home and break in so that you can clean her whole place while she's gone. She will appreciate the sentiment and won’t mind that you had to kick in her front door to achieve access. If this doesn't work, then you should consider finding someone else to pursue.

Another great way to impress a girl is to show her you're willing to take initiative in the relationship. If her boss is giving her a hard time at work for no reason, consider kidnapping and holding them hostage for a nice ransom. Your girl will see that you won't let anyone take advantage of her and will do what it takes to see to it that she's appreciated. I would advise laying low for a few weeks after doing this to let the heat die down.

It’s really the simple things a guy can do that shows a girl he’s not just some average Joe. But when times get tough, it’s the knights like us who have to stick together and find ways to make our women happy.

So get on out there, men. Buy some rope and some black leather gloves. There's a generation of women waiting to be wooed.

PHOTO: Courtesy Photo, Unsplash