Unpopular opinion? The food in Mabee is actually good

By: Reiley Bartel, Staff Writer

This might be a controversial opinion, but I think that Newman has really good meals, especially compared to my old school, which shall remain unnamed.

I always hear people complaining about the food in the Mabee Dining Hall, saying it’s not good enough. But they really don’t understand how good we have it here.

At my previous school, we were lucky to get fruit that was edible, so to be able to have fresh fruits and veggies every day is awesome. Also, where I come from, we had only one option for the main meal and sides. If you didn’t like it, then you just had to deal with it. Our corn dogs were green. Our mac and cheese was slimy and cold. Our chili was more water than soup.

Here at Newman, we are offered several options each day, and many of them are quite tasty. We also have a great salad bar, and let’s not forget the amazing chocolate milk.

Some of my favorite dishes served up at Mabee include waffle fries, spaghetti, fajitas, tuna casserole, steak, grilled cheese, chicken sandwiches, waffles, and mashed potatoes. Not only that, but we get ice cream and dessert every day.

You have to be super picky — or just never had to endure subpar cafeteria food — to not enjoy at least a few meals that Mabee has to offer.

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