Organizers hope to propel mental health at Newman

By: Alexis Stallard, Editor-in-Chief

In a recent study published by Mental Health America, Kansas was ranked 51st in its access to mental health services.

Newman has made it clear from the beginning of this school year that mental health would be a priority on campus. Through various programs and events, more mental health services and opportunities have been provided this year. But, Newman is trying to step it up even further coming into the spring semester.

Rachel Lang, Administrative Assistant, was part of a committee of staff and faculty who created the Propeller Project after hearing about the Green Bandana Project, which was started as a mental health and suicide prevention project where students tie a green bandana to their backpacks to signal that they are safe to talk to about mental health and getting help.

“Newman wanted to have our own mental health campaign and signal that identified safe people who are willing to listen without judgment and guide individuals towards the help they might need,” Lang said.

About 20 members of the Newman community have gone through the Mental Health First-Aid training through Sedgwick County, Lang said. Newman community members with propeller signs outside their office doors, included in their email signature, or who are wearing a propeller button have committed to being a part of the project.

“The four S’s of The Propeller Project are support, services, signs, and self-care, which are the mental health components this project focuses on,” Lang said.

Different areas of campus will have tables regarding the new project to gauge student interest and see if some students would be interested in joining the project to help students. For those interested in joining, contact Rachel Lang or stop by one of the tables on campus.

A list of more mental health resources is available on the Newman website under the Community Health Services page.

PHOTO: Courtesy Photo, Unsplash