Students list favorite weekend hotspots

By Aaron Eshleman, Staff Writer

Compared to other Kansas schools similar in size, Newman students are at an advantage when it comes to entertainment. Wichita, being the largest city in Kansas, has lots to offer to students looking to blow off steam from a hard week of classes.

Here are a few places that have become popular among Newman students.

Club Rodeo

10001 E Kellogg Dr,

7pm-2am Wednesday,Friday,Saturday

Junior Sydney Mossman said Rodeo is popular because “it is one of the very few things you can do for fun on the weekends in Wichita before you're 21. It's kind of a catch all and fairly inclusive because it offers country and mainstream hip hop music.” Rodeo also offers specials to keep kids coming even after they turn 21 like Friday Night college night where students with a college ID get in cheaper and beer is just $1.75.

“Club Rodeo is also unique compared to most night clubs for college kids because there's live bull riding done right inside,” Mossman said .


116 N Mead,

7pm-1:30am Wednesday ,Friday,Saturday

Fever is a more traditional night club experience on one side playing top 40 music and EDM. on the other side Latin music is played, making Fever almost two clubs in one.

“I like Fever because it reminds me of the night clubs back home in Australia. The music is more my style too,” senior Mitch Austin said .


125 N Mead, Wichita,

11am-10pm Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday, 11am-12pm Friday,Saturday, 10am-9pm, Sunday

Brickyard differentiates itself from other weekend hang out spots in Wichita because it is a live music venue, every weekend weather permitting a different local band plays at the Brickyard. Another interesting feature of Brickyard is that it is outdoors while still being in the heart of Wichita’s Old Town district.

“I really enjoy the live music, different bands come play and it is always entertaining,” senior Dalton Dinkel said.

PHOTO: Courtesy Photo.