What happened to NU mascot Johnny Jet?

By: Matthew Revels, Staff Writer

There’s a missing person on campus.

He was last seen in a navy blue space suit with a ginormous head. He is a fighter pilot who flies The Jets, AKA Newman athletes, toward victory.

At least, he used to.

Newman’s mascot Johnny Jet had not been seen at all this year until he made a surprise appearance on Saturday, April 2, at Newman’s Jet Fest for incoming freshmen.

So where has Johnny been?

Newman Athletic Director Joanna Pryor said the issue has been staffing.

“Our cheer and dance coach has been trying to recruit someone to be Johnny, and we just haven’t been able to find anyone,” she said. “I believe admissions was able to get someone to do it for Saturday only.”

If Newman could only find someone to embody Johnny, though, the mascot could return to active duty.

“We would love to find someone to be Johnny on a permanent basis,” Pryor said. “He is really missing out on things.”

Freshman basketball player Marlan Rhame says that she’s missed that crazy crewman.

“Having Johnny around at athletic events would bring morale and energy up,” she said. “Sometimes we need that extra push from the crowd, and Johnny could really get it started.”

Anyone interested in filling the suit should contact Brandy Muncy, the head coach for cheer and dance, at

But only the peppy need apply, said Assistant Athletic Director Zane Ehling.

“It takes someone with great energy and feel to be a great mascot,” he said.

PHOTO: Courtesy photo, University Relations