Newman's student newscast '360five' returns after hiatus

By: Austin Schwartz, Staff Writer

After a two-year hiatus, the student newscast Newman 360five has returned. Sophomores Emily Pachta and Daniel Cubias-Arteaga are leading the project after being approached by James Sanny, Newman’s video communications specialist, to reprise the show with weekly videos posted on Facebook and Youtube.

This year, 360five’s main goal is to highlight what Newman has to offer.

“Newman was an enigma to me,” Pachta said. “Coming in as a freshman, I would see my friends go to KU and K State, which there is so much information on those schools. I think that we have the ability to help incoming freshmen and help admissions to bring people into our great university.”

The first video, posted on Sept. 15., featured students being asked what their lives were like on campus. Cubias said that he thinks this was a great intro to the 360five reboot as it highlighted the diversity on campus.

“With these videos, we are able to showcase the diversity on campus, the different personalities, and the different ideas students have to offer.”

The first video has been on YouTube for four days and already has 131 views. This is the most views a single video has earned since 2019, when 360five posted “If Security Guards Acted Like Students.” The video has had a total of 7.9 watch hours and gained the account six subscribers.

Outside of Pachta and Cubias, the current team also includes editor John Suffield, senior. The students get help from Sanny and Amy Emerson from the University Relations Office.

“We are open to more members joining our team. Joshua Robles has made some appearances in our future videos and we hope he’ll continue to help in various ways. We see this as a fun and creative experience to be involved in on campus.”

Emerson, the digital content specialist for University Relations, used to be a 360five member before graduating in 2019. She said she is thrilled to see a new team come together and share its creative, comedic talents with the university.

Emerson said her experience as a 360five member taught her about video editing and social media navigation which she uses in her job every day.

“These are skills I didn’t really get to dive into in my classes,” Emerson said. “I have no doubt that this new team will find creative and comedic ways to connect us as a community.”

Pachta said that Emerson’s knowledge has been useful as they are restarting the team, but that they are hoping to add a little bit of their own spice to the group.

“Looking back at past videos, they seem to be very skit based. We want to make it more vloggy, Tik-Toky, and surprise everyone with what they are going to get week to week.”

If you want to watch Newman 360five you can check out their videos on Youtube, Facebook, or Twitter. Just type, “Newman 360five” in the search bar and hit subscribe so that you can see their newest video each week.

PHOTO: Courtesy photo, Newman 360five